If you will be dropping off and picking up your child from school or are part of an organized carpool, please pay attention to the following:

All students that are car riders will be let out of the cars by our teachers in the morning and walked to the car by teachers in the afternoon. Please remain in your car during the pick-up and drop-off process.

● Students will get dropped off under the awning at the school entrance.

● Please form 2 lines for drop-off in the morning.

● In the afternoon, Kindergarten through 2nd grade students will be picked up under the awning at the front door. 3rd and 4th grade students will dismiss near the steps that lead to the road.

● If a 3rd or 4th grade student has a sibling in K-2, they will be dismissed under the awning at the front door.


Tillery Charter Academy will have two buses with two separate routes, a North-South Route and an East-West Route.

***Please note that all times are tentative and conservative***

Albemarle route:
Albemarle Food Lion– am-6:55-7:00
Swift Island Tillery boat access- am-7:20-7:25
                                                          pm- 3:35-3:40
Troy Food Lion- am-7:40-7:45
Asheboro route:
Handee Hugo (McDowell Rd) Asheboro- am-6:50-6:55
Hardees/Quik Chek (Seagrove)- am- 7:15-7:20
                                                            pm- 3:40-3:45
Feed & Seed- Star- am-7:40-7:45


If you cannot reach one of the bus stops or are unable to drop off/pick up your child at the school, we will be more than happy to assist you in finding other Tillery families in your area to setup a carpool. Please reach out to us at: 910-828-4143 or email us at: Please make the subject line, “Carpool Needed”.

All families participating in a carpool will need to notify the school in writing so they can document who is authorized to pick up/drop off your child. Safety is a priority for Tillery Charter Academy and the school needs to ensure that each child is released to the right person.