Tillery Charter Academy Recommended for $250,000 Grant

Contact: Chrissy Fisher, Board Chair

Phone: 980-210-3627

Email: tillerycharteracademy@gmail.com

Website: www.tillerycharteracademy.org


Tillery Charter Academy receives recommendation for NC ACCESS grant.

Tillery Charter Academy is pleased to announce that they have received notification from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction that they have been recommended for the NC ACCESS grant in the total of $250,000.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be recommended for the $250,000 NC ACCESS grant. We look forward to implementing this grant with our students, parents, and local community in mind. We look forward to providing the families of Montgomery County and surrounding areas a new educational opportunity.” said Board Chair, Chrissy Fisher.

The NC ACCESS grant allows Tillery Charter Academy the ability to foster collaboration with the local community, implement best practices, and effectively support economically disadvantaged students.

Tillery Charter Academy will open its doors August 26th at 204 Lambert Rd. in Biscoe, NC and serve 144 students in grades K-2. The Academy will then grow a grade each year. Tillery Charter Academy is still accepting student applications. Remaining spots are first come, first serve. To apply or receive additional information, visit Tillery Charter Academy at: www.tillerycharteracademy.org

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