Tillery Charter Academy Lunch Program

Monday: Omar’s

Tuesday: Waffle House

Wednesday: Coach’s

Thursday: Dominos- PIZZA DAY!


Please note that all meals must be ordered the Thursday before for the next full week. The meals portal will close every Thursday at 3:00PM for ordering for the next week. No exceptions. Students may choose to participate in our lunch program on whatever days they’d like.  Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch will have a credit to their account each week for lunch. Students who utilize the free or reduced lunch services will need to order online each week as well. All free and reduced lunches include milk along with the entree and side. Reduced lunches are $1.50 per meal.

Students who forget their lunch will be provided food by the school. Parents/guardian of the child will be invoiced $2.50 for the food provided for each forgotten lunch.