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Tillery Charter: A Classical Academy

What is classical education?

Classical education is an approach to education that allows students to learn in three parts called the trivium, grammar, logic, and rhetoric. 

Tillery Charter Academy will provide the foundation for the first part of the trivium, grammar, in grades K-5.  This is a time where kids naturally acquire & remember knowledge, facts, information.

Grammar is the foundation of all learning; it’s the building block of all types of written and verbal expression. You must have a good grammar foundation to move forward.

Think about language for a moment. The grammar of language (what we call Grammar) is the foundation of writing.

In classical education:

The grammar of math includes learning your multiplication facts.

The grammar of geography includes learning states & capitals.

The grammar of science includes learning the life cycle of a frog or the body systems.

The grammar of history includes timelines, events, people.

Using a classical approach allows students to build a strong foundation by gaining concrete knowledge and facts.

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